Thursday, 8 May 2014

Monument Valley

My iPad is full of games which the children have inevitably persuaded me to download for them, some educational and imaginative like the fabulous Toca Bocca apps, but mostly mindless games that I regret downloading the moment I lose them to the screen.

If there is one game that you should download this year it is Monument Valley. Created by the super talented designers ustwo, this is by far the most beautiful game I have ever seen. Not only is it beautifully designed but it encourages children (and adults) to use their brains and has a wonderful calming influence on them!

Inspired by Escher's optical illusions, this is a puzzle in which you have to guide a silent princess, 'Ida' through a series of architectural monuments by uncovering hidden paths and platforms whilst avoiding the 'bothersome crow people'. 

There is nothing sinister or fast-paced about this game, you don't have to run or jump or jab your finger at the screen, nor do you die and have to start again…how refreshing! Just touch a point and Ida will walk smoothly towards it, past waterfalls, through doorways, up or down stairways, and if you get stuck you simply turn round and try another way, turning platforms and pressing switches as you navigate the surreal architecture. The process is both calming and incredibly addictive. Dax (7) has completed all 10 levels, helping both Dizzy and I when we got stuck, and Arlo (4) loves it too! We are all waiting in anticipation for new levels to be released.