Monday, 5 November 2012

Halloween fun

If you ask the boys what their favourite time of the year is they will undoubtedly say 'Halloween'! I can only think it is the prospect of a bucket full of sweets that prompts this, but still I secretly agree with them. For me there is something about the dark autumnal evenings and the prospect of lighting the fire and getting down to carving a pumpkin.

This year Dizzy bought me the best addition to my kitchen ever....a peg board. The kids really enjoyed coming up with our spooky halloween menu and I can see hours of amusement for years to come. You can buy one here.

I am also still in shock that Darcey actually wanted to have her face painted like the boys. It didn't last long and was just a big grey smudge half an hour after this photo was taken.

Finally of course, I had to make some spooky cake pops. Inspired as always by the brilliant Bakerella, I made pumpkin, ghost and scary skulls for Arlo's school cake sale. Trick or treat anyone?.....