Friday, 28 September 2012

Children's bedlinen

Since Dax graduated to a 'big boy bed' 4 years ago I have been constantly on the lookout for cool bedlinen for kids. When I was searching for Dax there was literally nothing I liked, it was all embroidered cars, aeroplanes, soldiers etc....such a cliché. After endless scouring of the internet I did find a simple grey, graphic cloud bedlinen designed by 60's Swedish designer, Gunilla Axen which I loved. It is manufactured by Farg & Form, Sweden and available from the Little Baby Company in a variety of colours. Dax loved going to bed in his clouds and I still have a set for both of the boys bunks.

Since then, thank goodness, it seems that other companies have realised the gap in the market. Here are some of my favourites for boys and girls. 

1. Four duvet sets from the wonderful Ferm Living
    Clockwise from top left: Robots, Dotty, Harlequin and Rush Hour.
    All available in baby, junior and adult size. 

2. Beautiful simple bedding from Canadian company Auggie.
    I absolutely love the colours and even though I prefer big prints, I think their 'Rabbit Patch' 
    duvet cover, (bottom right) is absolutely charming.

3. Cool graphic 'Knit Knit' bedlinen from British company Room39
    Such a simple idea, executed beautifully in lots of bold colours. It's not specifically for children 
    but I think it would look great in Darcey's room...just a shame it doesn't come in grey!