Thursday, 2 August 2012

Reversi-T Rocks!

Whilst searching for t-shirts for the boys to wear to the Olympics next week, I stumbled upon these 'Magic' t-shirts as they have been nicknamed in our house. GreenBaby have invented the 'Reversi-T' which is an ingenious 4 t-shirts in one. There are several different designs available, all of which are cool and quirky. They really appealed to me as I wanted to avoid the obvious 'Team GB' and Olympic logo t-shirts.

I was slightly dubious at first as to how it would feel to wear 4 layers of t-shirt but they are made of a very lightweight cotton and the boys are not bothered in the slightest. In fact they LOVE them and just want to keep taking them off and changing designs. I love them too, especially as if anyone spills something or gets a bit grubby you can just flip them over and 'hey presto' a nice clean t-shirt...genious. What's more they are now in the sale for only £10!