Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Birthday Boy

It was Arlo's 3rd birthday last week. We were supposed to be celebrating with a few of his friends from nursery but had to postpone due to the fact that he had chicken pox! It could have been a pretty miserable way to spend a birthday but thanks to the amazing weather and some cool presents the day flew buy and he was distracted from his itchy spots. I think his top present has to be this amazing Quadrilla wooden marble run which kept all three kids entertained for several hours.

The runs are quite complicated to set up so need an adult (or older child) but Dax and Arlo were very good at helping find the right coloured blocks whilst I put it together. We have the 'twist and rail' set, the 'sound blocks extension' set and another extension set which means the possibilities are endless. The  sound blocks set is a must as it creates a wonderful chiming sound as the marbles drop onto 8 different musical bars. The only negative thing about this toy is that I seem to spend a lot of time on my hands and knees trying to retrieve marbles from under sofas and behind furniture!

The other present which has been a great success are the Hexbugs. We gave Arlo the 'Nano Elevation Habitat set' (pictured above) which comes with 2 rare Nanos and is only £25 on Amazon. Dax also gave him some glow in the dark Nanos. Hexbug make micro robotic creatures, the smallest of which are the Nanos. They behave like real bugs, flipping themselves over from their backs if you put them down the wrong way. The children are absolutely fascinated with them and have spent hours racing them and watching them do their own thing in the habitat. I have discovered that you can buy all sorts of different bits of track and habitats that are connectable so you can create your own even more intricate habitat. Hours of fun for all ages! Just remember to buy a big pack of extra batteries as it is easy to forget to turn them off if you are only 3!

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