Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Little girls and their shoes

I now understand why little girls need so many pairs of shoes. Currently Darcey only has one pair of classic navy Startrite t-bar leather shoes which I love. BUT I am beginning to feel the need for the shoes to match the outfit a little better. This has never been a problem with the boys whose default outfit is a pair of jeans and a stripey top! SO I have entered a world which I am unfamiliar with and frankly it is pretty rubbish. Why do girl's shoes have to be pink, flowery and garish? Thank goodness there seem to be more options with summer canvas shoes and I was thrilled to find these Ballerinas from Verbaudet for only £8.80. The lovely dusky plum colour will go perfectly with most of her wardrobe.
I am also rather taken with these tennis pumps from French website My Little Square. The colours are fab and I especially love the geometric patterns. Such a shame they are 45 euros a pair!