Saturday, 25 February 2012

Toca Boca

If you are looking for a great ipad (or iphone) app for kids of all ages then look no further than Toca Boca. Swedish company, Toca Boca describe themselves as a 'play studio that makes digital toys for kids'. All their apps encourage self-expression and stimulate the imagination. Arlo (2) loves Toca Kitchen. You pick the character, choose some food to tempt him with, and then cook it in a variety of ways. Then you wait for his reaction to the delicacy that you have cooked up.

Dax (5) loves doing the housework in the Toca House, from mopping floors, cleaning windows and doing the laundry to mowing the lawn.

My personal favourite is the Toca Hair Salon. There is something strangely satisfying about cutting hair and then re growing it before combing, colouring and blow-drying it.

Toca Boca think of their apps as 'toys' rather than games and I love the fact that these fantastic looking digital 'toys' encourage genuine creative play. Download from the iTunes app store.