Thursday, 2 February 2012

Picture perfect

I am very lucky to have a great friend who just happens to be an award-winning photographer! When Philip Gatward came to visit us before Christmas, he brought his camera (and lovely girlfriend, Charly) and did a mini photoshoot in our front room. This fabulous family portrait is the result and I am absolutely thrilled with it. Trying to get all three children looking at the camera and looking cheerful at the same time is an impossibility, so this is actually five different shots stripped together thanks to the genius of digital technology and a super skilled photographer. Thank you so much Philip.

Better known for these photographs taken whilst in Ethiopia of the South Omo indigienous tribes, Philip's stunning 'Ethnograph' series won him first place in the portrait section of the 'International Photography Awards' 2010.

I have also always loved his studies of dogs, budgies and pigeons in which the subjects have been photographed as if they were human portraits. They are weird and yet beautiful at the same time. See more of Philip's amazing work here.