Thursday, 16 February 2012


For our 5th Wedding Anniversary (wood) I commissioned 'Naked Peggies' who I found on Etsy to paint custom wooden peg dolls to look like Dizzy and I. At the time I wanted to do the whole family but Darcey was just one month old so I decided to wait until she was a proper little person before I got the kids done too. When I went back on Etsy just before christmas I was devastated to find no trace of 'Naked Peggies'. Luckily I found another equally talented lady, also on Etsy, called 'Mooshoo'. She painted the lovely little peggies to make up our family set and they now have pride of place on the mantlepiece.

At the same time we also commissioned Mooshoo to paint custom peggies of Dizzy's design team at Honky. We then photographed them for the studio christmas card and gave each member of the team their own doll as a christmas present...they were thrilled.

Mooshoo is a super creative lady who also paints all sorts of other little pegs and dolls. I especially like these little girls with their long stripey socks!

I am hoping to get a new set of family peggies done every 5 years as the children grow up and fashions change. I might even attempt painting some myself. You can buy the blank dolls here. It would also be a great craft project to do with the kids when they are a bit older.