Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's the thought that counts

Look what my amazingly talented friend, Alison Carmichael, sent me for my birthday. Of course, in true Alison form, they were beautifully wrapped in brown paper and tied with bakers twine ( I wish I had taken a photo, but I was literally too excited to open the parcels). Inside were two sleek black boxes, one containing these fabulous 'Alice Tags' and the other containing a set of 'Emergency Cards' for unexpected occasions. Inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland the tags are letterpress printed in stunning colours and are simply exquisite. The problem is I like them so much I can't bring myself to give them away!

The 'Emergency Cards' are equally clever and beautifully produced, with enthusiastic greetings 'to dig you out of any hole'. My favourite (and probably the most apt for me these days) is 'I have a tiny sieve brain'.

Alison is the most amazing hand lettering artist. Her work is awe inspiring and she is one of the most talented people I have ever met. Check out her other fabulous work at and visit her shop Made by Alison Carmichael to buy the tags and cards.