Monday, 30 January 2012


Cake Pops are my favourite discovery of 2011. Whilst searching for inspiration for Dax's Lego birthday cake I stumbled upon the genius that is 'Bakerella' the inventor of the cake pop - these can only be described as 'bite sized brilliance on a stick'. I watched her tutorial on how to make them on You Tube (see it here) and I have been completely hooked ever since.

My first attempt, little bees for Darcey's first birthday, were far from perfect and I learnt an awful lot about candy melts and the consistency they need to be to cover the balls of cake cleanly. I used Wilton candy melts as these are the ones in my local shop but they are quite thick when melted and you do need to add paramount crystals to thin them and get the correct consistency for dipping.

Then, inspired by Amy Locurto's blog, Living Locurto I decided to give Lego head cake pops a go for Dax's 5th Birthday Party. The connectors on the heads are made from a circle of white marshmallow cut out using the end of a piping nozzle. I used small balls of black fondant icing squashed flat to make the eyes and the rest of the features I piped on with writing icing.

I had rather a lot of yellow candy melts left after this and when the school cake sale in aid of  'Children in Need' came along I decided it would be fun to make 'Pudsey Pops'. Yellow smarties worked perfectly for ears and I re-dipped the pops in white candy at an angle to get the bandage. The spots and faces were all piped on with writing icing.

I now have Bakerella's book and am happily working my way through it for various occasions. Dax specially requested these popcorn ones which were fun to do...

...and last week we had another school cake sale so I attempted the cupcake pops. These were a bit trickier due to having to shape the balls with a cutter and double dipping in the candy but I was pleased with the overall effect.

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