Sunday, 8 January 2012

At last

So I have finally got round to starting a blog and rather than sitting around worrying about what I should write about, I am just going to go for it. I am not happy with the way it looks yet, but rather than spend hours fiddling with its design and not actually blogging, this will have to do for now and I will change it in time. In my ongoing quest to find cool dolls for Darcey, I finally managed to track down 'Sofie' the fabulous Esthex doll. I bought one of these for my niece a couple of years ago from the lovely but they don't stock her any more, so I went directly to only to discover lots of new and exciting friends that the clever Esther Schuviens has created. I especially like 'Anna Ballerina' and tough boy 'Storm'.  

Sofie arrived safely today along with a little friend 'Sam' the duck and a beautiful set of postcards, so thank you Esther. Sofie is very happy in her new home, although she will have to wait a while for Darcey's room to be finished before she can really join in the fun!